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Insight From a Musical Theater Producer: Perspective

Real life lessons from the world of theater
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Michael “Hawkeye” Herman Recounts Music Advocacy Efforts in Grafton, WI


by Michael “Hawkeye” Herman Dec. 5, 2020

As an internationally recognized/touring blues musician/composer/educator/historian I can assure you that blues historians, blues aficionados, and blues music fans around the world are aware of the great importance that Paramount Records and Grafton, WI holds in the history of blues music recording and the influence on US music and world cultures.

Sadly, that information was lost to the people of Wisconsin, and especially in the immediate Grafton area for over 75 years, until Grafton resident musician/educator Angie Reilly started digging into the Paramount history in hopes of elevating the awareness of Grafton and Wisconsin area residents. 

Angie Reilly and I initially connected via an online blues related forum back about 16/17 years ago. She informed me of her very proactive efforts in raising awareness in Grafton and WI, in general, of the importance of Paramount Records. The history, influence and ONGOING impact and legacy of Paramount Records was lost to the people of the Grafton area.

Ms. Reilly is very much responsible for the raising of the awareness of the people of the Grafton area regarding the world renown influence and legacy of Paramount Records, as well as her initiating and influencing the Village of Grafton administration/city council in the creation of the Paramount Walk of Fame that is the now centerpiece of downtown Grafton.

In her efforts to raise awareness of the ‘city fathers’ and the citizens, young and old, regarding Paramount’s worldwide fame amongst blues music fans she arranged to bring me to Grafton to meet with the city council and inform them, as an ‘outsider’, of the important culturally legacy and esteem that Grafton’s Paramount Records is held by the international blues community.

At that time, Ms. Reilly also arranged for me to present blues music and Grafton/Paramount history presentations/programs to in the schools to ALL of the public school students in Grafton. I was happy to oblige her request to come to Grafton and help her with her most worthwhile efforts in honoring Paramount Records, Grafton, and the many iconic blues musicians who recorded in Grafton.

Michael “Hawkeye” Herman doing his famous “Blues in the Schools” program in Grafton, WI

The positive and enduring results of her/our efforts are quite obvious: Grafton honors its Paramount blues music legacy with a permanent Paramount Walk of Fame as the featured aspect of the Grafton City Center, and an annual blues music, The Paramount Blues Festival, festival grew out of the ‘rediscovered’ legacy of Paramount Records in Grafton, WI.

You will find my personal article documenting our efforts to raise the citizens of the Grafton area’s awareness about the important and eternal legacy of Paramount Records in Grafton … as well as a link to my article documenting our mutual work in bringing the Paramount Walk of Fame into reality:

“Embracing The Legacy Of The Blues / From the South To The North – Part 2. Grafton, WI and Paramount Records”By Michael “Hawkeye” Herman to raise the citizens of the Grafton area’s awareness about the important and eternal legacy of Paramount Records in Grafton.

Photo Slide Show Images Provided by Michael “Hawkeye” Herman’s Large Collection of Photos

Deciphering Lyrics for Willie Brown-Going to Fishing-Lomax


Goin’ to Fishin’ Alan Lomax Recording

Lyrics as deciphered by Angie Mack Reilly 12.3.18 revision (unfinished)

Japanese researcher, Akira Kikuchi, asked me to help him decifer these lyrics.   I’m not completely done yet.  Would love to hear your input!  Comment your thoughts!


All right now boys
I tell you what we goin’ to do
we goin get that ole pole
we goin to fishin
you know Fiddlin’ Joe and Willie Brown
they wanna fish a little bit so
let’s see by it
Yes, yes (yas, yas)
Had me a wife
(aunt, and, big, bend) Lucy Jane
every monday morning get a fishing kink
oh she going to fishin
Now she going fishin
She gotta keep on fishin
I’m going to fishin too
Next fish comes
Gentlemen falls
A mule and 49
what you goin to haul
She goin’ fishin’
Oh she goin’ fishin’
she gotta keep on fishin’
I”m goin’ to fishin’ too
Yes I do
Hit that thing boy
Yes yes (Yas Yas)
Yeah we’re goin’ to fishin’
Yes she goin’ fishin’
She gotta keep on fishin’
I’m goin’ to fishin’ too
Next fish comes/that calls
big head cap
(gibberish to simulate string winding up quickly?)
tight like that
Yeah she goin’ to fishin’
Now she goin’ to fishin’
She gotta keep on fishin’
I’m going to fishin’ too
Yes I do
Play that thing now Willie Brown
Go on up there Leroy to the harbor
Keep goin’ to fishin’
Now keep goin’ fishin’
She gotta keep on fishin’
I’m going to fishin’ too
Fish ‘a got a way I don’t like
When you goin’ to fish
you care the pole looks like
But still you goin’ fishin’
Oh still you goin’ fishin’
You gotta keep on fishin’
I’m goin’ to fishin’ too
Yas Yas
po’ leven?
Friend or foe
Keep on fishin’ you will go there
You goin’ to fishin’ anyhow
Ah you goin’ fishin’
You gotta keep on fishin’
I’m goin’ to fishin’ too
When you get your hook
get my pole
We goin’ fishin’ to a (part) of that hole
We all goin’ to fishin’
(we’ll see what you excuse me for)
We goin’ to fishin’
We got to keep on fishin’
I’m goin’ to fishin’ to
Yes I do
See you around Willie Brown
mmm…all hammer (Ole Hammer?)
Told you once, told you twice
Keep on fishin’ or treat me right
But still you goin’ to fishin’
But still you goin’ to fishin’
You gotta keep on fishin’
I’m goin’ to fishin’ too

Angie in Corporate Report Wisconsin for Pioneering Social Media Work


Strategies for Profitable Business

“Use It … Social Media Marketing

by Marcia Tillett-Zinzow Jan. 28, 2001

(Scroll down to sections on VIRTUAL WORD OF MOUTH and INTEGRAL TO PROFIT BUILDING in the article below)

Link to Article

Connecting new audiences early on in social media

Global Gratitude for Research on the Death of Arthur “Blind” Blake


Arthur Blind Blake’s Death Certificate Finally Found!

by Angela Mack

April 2011 originally published on her old website/blog

Please refer to the Blues & Rhythm article published in issue #263 called, “IN SEARCH OF BLIND BLAKE Arthur Blake’s death certificate unearthed” by Alex van der Tuuk, Bob Eagle, Rob Ford, Eric LeBlanc and Angela Mack.  The authors are also working on a follow up article…..

Responses from around the world…….

“Absolutely amazing. Blake has always been such a mystery over the years. To me, this has to rank as one of the top discoveries in blues research ever, period.  –Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“That sounds like THE BIGGEST BLUES NEWS for years !!!” –Blindman’s Blues Forum Member

“I await my copy with bated breath!” – Blindman’s Blues Forum Member

“Very, very, VERY nice work.  Thanks to all involved for bringing this to light.” –Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“In country blues terms I think this find is of the same magnitude as that of, say, Calt and Wardlow tracking down the history of Blind Joe Reynolds together with two photos (c1947 & c1964) which they published in Blues Unlimited 146, Autumn Winter 1984.” –-Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“Thank you and congratulations, to all those who persisted in breaking down the brick walls beneath which information about Blind Blake’s life and death were hidden, revealing information that has been unknown for the better part of a century.  It is a major accomplishment which enriches the legacy of the man, and very exciting news for his fans – wherever they are.”  –Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“Just received the new issue of Blues & Rhythm with the promised article.  Full details of Blake’s death (in 1934) with Death Certificate and Autopsy Report. Site of his grave and details of his widow’s death. No guesswork – real results from excellent research.  A must read article.”  –Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“WOW what a find. Excellent blog of your experience. Felt like I was right with you.” – Blindman’s Blues Forum Member

“OK, if somebody ever asks me why I hang around this forum, I think this very thread alone – actually many of the discussions here – would be a good enough answer !”  – Blindman’s Blues Forum Member

“I love reading about our Blues Brothers…Thank you Angie Mack for doing what you do! Talk about “HISTORY” ..Kudos! –”Barb”

“oh Jesus. The amazing discovery.  The biggest discovery of the Blues.” –A.K.

“This is undoubtedly the finest moment in blues history since the discovery of the first Robert Johnson photo. It is far more significant, though because it solves the mystery of where, how and when the greatest fingerpicker in American music history met his end. Congratulations on your diligence and dedication in finding the solution to this ancient puzzle!” –Joel, comment on

“This is amazing – there had been theories that his name was Phelps, or that he died in Florida. This man was one of the greatest American musicians of the 20th century.” –Organissimo Forum Member

“He needs a proper headstone, maybe with that Paramount publicity shot.  And Angie, congratulations to you and your colleagues for solving the mystery.” –Weenie Campbell Forum“wow, this is great, Thanks to all who found this out, How about a Blake fest at the site?  I’ll be there.” –Weenie Campbell Forum Member

“You have achieved a wonderful outcome. That’s a heroic achievement following of the moon landing.The truly great achievement. It was then worried about the Blake. Now I know his life, a little sad, and very happy.This story is over Indiana Jones.Cheers!!!!”

Angie in Japanese Magazine
Angie in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland magazine
Angie in Dutch Blues Magazine

Photos: Paramount Plaza


photos by Angie Mack Reilly, Grafton WI 2020

Lou Shields: Blind Blake Visit


Photos and videos courtesy of Stacey Roou & Lou Shields, Grafton WI record factory ruins, July 2019

Vocal Demo: Midnight Train to Georgia


Vocalist: Angie Mack Reilly

Educational: R & B Super Hits, Hal Leonard
R & B Vocal Demo

Community Guided Paramount Walking Tour with Angie Mack Reilly



Facebook post courtesy of Celebrate Grafton