Angie’s Early Pioneering Activism for Obscure Local Blues History (2004-07)

Here are some of the early efforts trying to recognize the valuable contributions of the early 1900s Paramount Records label

Angie Mack Reilly Reviews: A Star is Born

“Lady Gaga was. Fragile.  And it was all in her eyes.   Painful.  His eyes.  Painful.  My eyes.  Painful.”  -Angie Mack Reilly Let’s talk.  BOOK for speaking engagements. Award-winning poem “The Traveling Minstrel” by #angiemackreily etched into a sidewalk in Grafton, WI. On fragility,  “Some women feel the need to act like they’re never scared,Continue reading “Angie Mack Reilly Reviews: A Star is Born”

New Beginnings: Just Angie

Open Your Mouth written, recorded and arranged by Angela Mack in the late 1990s.  Published for the first time on the Internet.  Here.  Right now.  First time the public is hearing it.  Please know that I produced this going on 20 years ago now.   This is part of my musical archive that I will beginContinue reading “New Beginnings: Just Angie”