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My Dream Home

by Angie Mack Reilly 7.20.19

The Art of Dreaming

I believe that dreaming is an underrated skill.

Not the sleep kind of dreaming.

But daydreaming.

Dreaming gives us hope.

I see dreaming as a coping skill.

I see it as being visionary.

Being visionary is a skill that any good leader needs to have.

I encourage dreaming.   Fantasy.  Fiction.  And everything in between.

My Dream HomeSunset on the Wisconsin Farm by Angie Mack Reilly

Featured image taken by Angie Mack Reilly titled, “Sunset on the Wisconsin Farm”

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Angie’s Dream Home

Design concepts are open, natural, creative and aesthetic.   Free flowing.  Like my soul.

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Endless Supply of Inspiration

Endless Supply of Inspiration

by Angela Mack published on Creativity Portal

Endless supply of
springing forth
out of your spirit!
Bubbling brook
of creativity,
unhindered by the
cares of this world.
Continuously flow
the rocks that get
in your way.
Break through the dams
that declare,
“Your journey ends here.”
(And shall I remind you
that a storm
is really your friend?)
Laughing river,
joyous song,
journey forward,
never ceasing.
Your internal compass
shall always guide you
to the lowest parts of the earth.

This is a very early poem that I wrote.   And it still resonates.  Rather than going into depth about the poem right now (jokingly) because I know that nobody even cares anyhow…haha….) I will say that we all need to find our own inspiration.  Some of us even moreso.

A huge part of what I have done in my adult life is to inspire others.   A LOT of others.  (jokingly) And their mothers.  So that means that I have to have enough inspiration inside of myself to give out.  Because you can’t give out what you don’t have, right?

Generally speaking, being alone inspires me.  Being in water inspires me.  Playing in my yard (aka gardening) inspires me.   I could obviously go on and on.   Above all, God is my inspiration.

Leaders need time to “inspire themselves”.  The SPACE to inspire themselves.

And I have learned how to inspire myself with very little, actually.

That’s where imagination meets faith.

With imagination and faith,

ANYTHING is possible.

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2018: Television Appearance on CBS 58 with Michael Schlesinger

Hear them roar in “The Lion King Junior” at the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center

Photos courtesy of Trinix Creative.  Taken at the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center 2018.

The show was produced by Angie Mack Reilly of Ozaukee Talent

for the North Shore Academy of the Arts


Childhood Dream


Please listen and ponder these lyrics as they apply to your own life.  What was your dream as a child?  It’s never too late.  That’s what I have to tell myself.

Mind you, I wrote and recorded this song about 20 years ago.  I didn’t have live musicians.  So I made it happen…laying down 17 layers of instruments in my Korg N264.

I would love to record this with acoustic instruments and live musicians.  Oh!  And a kick ass choir!

Sometimes, in order to “find” our authentic selves, we need to go back and think about what we were like as children.  What made us dream?  What did we enjoy playing?  What was our personality like?  What felt good?  What did NOT feel good?

Childhood Dream by Angela Mack

Written and recorded in Grafton, WI circa 1999

Remember the dream that you dreamed when you were young?

Remember the passion that burned your heart?

You used to believe…..you used to dream

Yet the current of this world carried you away

It’s never to late to dream again

It’s never to late to follow your passion

Why spend the rest of your life in something that your heart just isn’t in?

Here it calling (3x) ……your childhood dream

I remember the songs that I sang when I was young

I remember the people that I believed to be there

I sang with my heart……I sang with soul

with my pretend microphone in hand, I could reach the world!

Did you know that my original dream was to be a pro female baseball pitcher?  But when I saw that, back in the 70s, women didn’t get to “play on TV” like the men did.  I didn’t think that was fair.  Syo I went into music.

I grew up at 310 W. 9th Street in Sterling, Illinois.  My family took me to St. John’s Lutheran Church.  I liked it there.  I played in the bell choir, helped my mom teach Sunday School, hung out with the youth group and found glimpses of a light that I couldn’t quite explain.

My pastor asked me to lead the music in Sunday School.  I was shocked to be asked.  Then honored.  Then scared.  I didn’t know how to play an instrument!  So I had to “quick learn the auto harp”.  And so I did.