(Grafton, WI) Words Etched in Concrete

This morning I woke up early and decided to look for my poems that are etched into the sidewalks of Grafton.  Not everyone can say that their poems are etched into concrete.     I love speaking with my hands and feet, whether it be writing, dancing or playing an instrument.   Sometimes vocalization isContinue reading “(Grafton, WI) Words Etched in Concrete”


FLUIDITY By Angie Mack Reilly © 4/3/16 Grafton, WI  When I think of the word “fluidity” I think of smooth. Easy. Free. Without restraint. Healthy. Flowing. Adapting. Changing. Happy. Soft. Full of grace. Simple. Not stuck. Not rigid. Not hard. Not strict. (An antonym for fluidity is jelly.) Sticky. As in, “he got himself inContinue reading ““Fluidity””