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Poem: Winding Journey

Winding Journey

by Angie Mack Reilly

I’m on the winding journey
“Wine, Ding.”
“Whine. Ding!”
“Why in Ding?”
A little left
A little right
Wondering when wandering
Wandering when wondering
Sometimes tight
Sometimes loose
The winding journey
belongs to the pioneers.

Photo of our new friend “Dave’s” sailboat who apparently came from the Michigan side and was waiting for the wind to pick up.  My son made a new friend and Dave let our family on the boat for some rare photos.   Photo by Angie Mack Reilly, Port Washington, WI 2019


Poem: I Love Contradictions

I Love Contradictions

by Angela K. Mack © 1/6/09

Feature photo by Angie Mack Reilly (c) 2015

I have always preached,
“The best art forms contain the greatest contradictions.”

I love contradiction. It is the drama of our existence.

Right now, I am humored by the earth being blanketed by cool virgin snow.
Meanwhile, my burning heart is inflamed with the passion of my prime.

The earth is being cooled and my soul is flaming hot.


My nerdy and shy highschool friend is now a diva.
Another boy has pleasantly matured.
Popular friends have vanished
and unknown ones have become beacons of light.

Life has a way of leveling
and bringing the obscure to the spotlight
and the stars to the pit.

Life is full of drama and…
the best drama is full of contradictions.
Who would have known
we would all end up here?

Don’t Forget About Infinity

Don’t Forget About Infinity

by Angie Mack Reilly 2019

Just remember that there are an infinite number of possibilities
An infinite number of combinations
An infinite number of ways in which your story could end
You could literally be alone and crying tonight
But then meet your true love during an accident
on the way to work the next morning

“America Is Coming Home Again” by Angie Mack Reilly (2012)

America is Coming Home Again* (c) 8/12
by Inspirational Writer Angie Mack Reilly 
Accompanied by “My Living Room”
a painting by Matthew Reilly

If I were to listen to America,
MY America,
I would visit the masses online
to hear what the individuals would have to say.
I would not turn on the news
or view the perspective of the entertainment industry.
I would not look on Wall Street
or see what the Dow has to portray.
I would go to the Information Superhighway;
yes, to the digital streets to find my answer
as to where America is heading……….

I see Instagram trending with photos of
homemade gardens, homemade meals, pets doing pet things, happy children and seamstress’ weaves.
I see Facebook smothered in quotes of
encouragement, acceptance and prayer.
In fact, I met an entire army of friends
who have cheered me on to beat breast cancer!

We are coming home.
Many of us, especially the middle class,
have learned that we have had to fend for ourselves, our families and our communities in order to stay alive.
We have learned that capitalism
and its “ists” cannot be trusted.
Therefore should not be embraced.
So we have created an America of our own….
by the people, with the people, FOR the people.

We are traveling less because of the oil crisis.
We are making and giving homemade gifts
in order to support local and American-made business
as opposed to commerce oversees.
We are growing our own food and
sharing our recipes with friends.
We are growing our own herbs
and embracing alternative remedies.
A shift from dependent to self sufficient.
Many of us have learned that the health care system
cannot be trusted.
The Healthcare SYSTEM.
The Corporate SYSTEM.
The Education SYSTEM.
The Medical INDUSTRY.
The Religious INSTITUTION.
The Government INSTITUTION.

I see a rejection of system, of industry, of institution
and I see America coming home
and traveling less toward
the American Dream
as it has been dangled before us.
We are smarter than that.
We are coming home
to morality and truth.
We are making music in our homes together
and laughing once again.
We are entertaining ourselves by telling jokes,
creating fun, sharing stories and wine,
prioritizing art and love.
WHY HOME? Because we’ve realized that
we have nowhere else to go.
We were lured away from homes
for decades to travel afar
for the sake of power, esteem and wealth.
Perhaps the true American Dream
is to stay close……
to love and help family, friends,
coworkers and even enemies,
to dwell in and influence our own
personal communities—
our neighbors, our schools,

This is good, America.
This is good.
America is coming home again.

*Please remember that this is a piece of literature or art and should be viewed as such

What is the Result of Greed?

What is the Result of Greed?* by Angie Mack Reilly

We have branded ourselves
as the Country of Greed.
From that GREED
stems the workaholism
that builds bigger houses
then destroys families.
From that workaholism
stems a chronic fatigue.
From fatigue stems illness
and a faulty perception
of what is meaningful in life.
We stop excelling in our relationships.
We drift into
and criticism
and judgement
and bickering
and hating
and killing
and killing
and killing.
So here we are.
This is what we have reaped.
For stealing
and conquering
AND KILLLING as a nation.
For targeting and destroying
vulnerable groups of people
for the sake of monetary gain,
sexual pleasures
and relief from our deep-rooted depression.
The cup of greed is brim and
overflowing into our
most vulnerable spaces.
This invasion has caused
quivering among the innocent.
They do not feel safe…….
Their basic needs are not being met.
Our country is quaking with the
anxieties and the
anger of the people
who are waking
up to realize
that the country
they were taught
to believe in
has failed them.
On so many levels.
Land of the brave?
They are not brave.
How can they be brave
to speak their truth
when nobody is listening?
They are not free.
They are slaves of
politicians and Wall Street.
We must wake up.
Digital dictators
will trump humanity
if we do not awake
from our slumber,
use our minds
and defend what it means
to be human.
(So this is where you ask,
“Alexa, what is the result of greed?”)

*punctuation, grammar, spelling intentional