Interview with TennJim on Living in the Rural South During the Great Depression

This was previously published on and has not been edited since 2006. “Interview with a Tennessee Native” “Interview with Tennesse native :The cultural landscape of Tennessee from a once poor,  white man’s perspective” by Angela K. Mack (c) 12/06(This man who wishes to remain anonymous is from  Murfreesboro, Tennessee and was born in 1934. He recentlyContinue reading “Interview with TennJim on Living in the Rural South During the Great Depression”

Angie Mack Reilly Reviews: A Star is Born

“Lady Gaga was. Fragile.  And it was all in her eyes.   Painful.  His eyes.  Painful.  My eyes.  Painful.”  -Angie Mack Reilly Let’s talk.  BOOK for speaking engagements. Award-winning poem “The Traveling Minstrel” by #angiemackreily etched into a sidewalk in Grafton, WI. On fragility,  “Some women feel the need to act like they’re never scared,Continue reading “Angie Mack Reilly Reviews: A Star is Born”


FLUIDITY By Angie Mack Reilly © 4/3/16 Grafton, WI  When I think of the word “fluidity” I think of smooth. Easy. Free. Without restraint. Healthy. Flowing. Adapting. Changing. Happy. Soft. Full of grace. Simple. Not stuck. Not rigid. Not hard. Not strict. (An antonym for fluidity is jelly.) Sticky. As in, “he got himself inContinue reading ““Fluidity””