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First Chairperson for Paramount Plaza Walk of Fame

Names of Blues and Jazz Pioneers in the Paramount Walk of Fame

Angie’s Early Pioneering Activism for Obscure Local Blues History (2004-07)

Here are some of the early efforts trying to recognize the valuable contributions of the early 1900s Paramount Records label

Interview with TennJim on Living in the Rural South During the Great Depression

This was previously published on and has not been edited since 2006. “Interview with a Tennessee Native” “Interview with Tennesse native :The cultural landscape of Tennessee from a once poor,  white man’s perspective” by Angela K. Mack (c) 12/06(This man who wishes to remain anonymous is from  Murfreesboro, Tennessee and was born in 1934. He recentlyContinue reading “Interview with TennJim on Living in the Rural South During the Great Depression”

Forgotten blues: excerpts from angie mack reilly (2004)

“Forgotten Blues” excerpts © 11/04 Angela Mack originally published on and I first became aware of the Paramount story when I received a bulk letter in my Grafton, WI mailbox close to the turn of the 21st century. It was from a man that I did not know. He claimed that Grafton, WIContinue reading “Forgotten blues: excerpts from angie mack reilly (2004)”

“A prophet is not without honor except in his own town”

Angie Lays the Groundwork for a Massive Music History and Culture Initiative That Gains International Attention