How I Would Live/ an excerpt /by Angie Mack Reilly 2019

An /excerpt/ of a poem…….

by Angie Mack Reilly 2019

If I were to choose my own life to live,
I would slow down.
Make things.
Sell things.
Things with meaning
like necklaces and such.
I wouldn’t have a strict schedule.
I would move about freely
at the speed that I like
which is slow.
I am an artist.
A multi-disciplinary artist.
I communicate best through the arts
and use a variety of means
to communicate.
It requires much solitude to formulate ideas.
Much research and thinking is involved.
I have not been able to use my own artistic skills
to their fullest capacity
because of being occupied with surviving.
Financially. Medically. Emotionally. Physically.
So I would like to give myself space,
for the first time in life,
to produce my own creative work.
I am thinking that I would like for it to be a musical.
Or a book.
Or to record people and events on the road…….

To Be Continuted……


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