What is the Result of Greed?

What is the Result of Greed?* by Angie Mack Reilly

We have branded ourselves
as the Country of Greed.
From that GREED
stems the workaholism
that builds bigger houses
then destroys families.
From that workaholism
stems a chronic fatigue.
From fatigue stems illness
and a faulty perception
of what is meaningful in life.
We stop excelling in our relationships.
We drift into
and criticism
and judgement
and bickering
and hating
and killing
and killing
and killing.
So here we are.
This is what we have reaped.
For stealing
and conquering
AND KILLLING as a nation.
For targeting and destroying
vulnerable groups of people
for the sake of monetary gain,
sexual pleasures
and relief from our deep-rooted depression.
The cup of greed is brim and
overflowing into our
most vulnerable spaces.
This invasion has caused
quivering among the innocent.
They do not feel safe…….
Their basic needs are not being met.
Our country is quaking with the
anxieties and the
anger of the people
who are waking
up to realize
that the country
they were taught
to believe in
has failed them.
On so many levels.
Land of the brave?
They are not brave.
How can they be brave
to speak their truth
when nobody is listening?
They are not free.
They are slaves of
politicians and Wall Street.
We must wake up.
Digital dictators
will trump humanity
if we do not awake
from our slumber,
use our minds
and defend what it means
to be human.
(So this is where you ask,
“Alexa, what is the result of greed?”)

*punctuation, grammar, spelling intentional

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  1. Nice! Reminds me of a poem I wrote called Save the Trees. You should bring your poetry to the Blueburg Cafe, and other venues around town! We need more poets!

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